Zbigniew Namysłowski Quartet

Exists since 1963. The first performance had taken place in Warsaw at The Jazz Jamboree Festival October ’63. From that time on started the period of various concert tours and jazz festivals in all over Europe. Also India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and most recently Israel, Brazil, Sweden, Kuwait, Austria, Germany, South Africa. The first LP was the live recording of that very performance. Soon the two other LPs were released. One in Poland – „Kwartet Zbigniewa Namysłowskiego” and second in England entitled “Lola” for DECCA label, and this one was the first jazz record ever recorded on The West by Polish group.

Since that time the personal and the shape and style of music had been changed many times.

The recent formation plays together for more then four years. They are very talented young musicians considered to be absolutely top in Polish jazz scene.

Slawomir Jaskulke - piano

Michal Baranski - bass

Grzegorz Grzyb - drums

Jacek Namyslowski – trombone

he recent CDs recorded by   Zbigniew Namyslowski Quartet or Quintet

Standards   -   (2003)

Three Nights  -  3 CDs album recorded live in Aquarium  club in  Warsaw

Dances  -  with accordion player Cezary Paciorek

Secretly and Confidentially

Last Concert  -   live at the Warsaw Jazz Jamboree 1993

Without A Song  -  recorded in Czech Republic

The music of the band combines very modern jazz with jazz roots. Elements of folk, rock, classical with very personal music of the leader and the musicians.

The always spreading repertory of the Quartet consists almost exclusively compositions of Zbigniew Namyslowski witch is reputed to be No 1 jazz composer in Poland.