Wiesław Wilczkiewicz

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He is a guitarist player and composer from Cracow. Cofounder of “Dżamble” ensemble. Wiesław Wilczkiewicz

Musician at The Cellar under Rams, for many years the musician of “Alex Band” orchestra. In 1978 he played in Chicago with Bill Conti’s orchestra. He recorded many albums in Poland and abroad. In 1986 at the festival Midem in Cannes he was awarded an honorable mention for one of his compositions titled “Kasztanowi”. This piece was later distributed throughout the world by a French recording agency. From 1986 he’s lived in New York. In 1988 he recorded an album „Infinity” with Barbara Moore that is highly priced by professional press. The same year in Autumn a concert promoting this record took place in Carnegie Hall