Włodzimierz Pawlik

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Włodek Pawlik, born 1958 - pianist and composer, GRAMMY award winning for "NIGHT IN CALISIA" -  The Best Large Jazz Ensamble Album, which is the first GRAMMY for polish jazz ever. He is a graduate of the Academy of Music in Warsaw and he studied jazz composition, theory and arrangement at the Hochschule für Music in Hamburg (Germany). He won many music competition's prizes including the first place in instrumentalist category at the International Jazz Competition in Dunkirk (France, 1984) and a second place at the International Composers' Competition in Monaco (1988). He released over 24 original records under his own name to date, and also performed live at the most prestigious jazz festivals including The North Sea Jazz Festival in Hague (1998), The European Union Jazz Festival in Athens (2006) as well as classical music festivals such as Vratislavia Cantans in Wrocław (Poland) performing his Misterium Stabat Mater 2003. His artistic activities along his phonographic output made him widely recognizable in media and professional journals. ‘The Age’ daily newspaper hailed his tour of Australia a primary musical event of 2002. The opinion-forming magazine ‘Down Beat’ reviewed his ‘Turtles’ CD album (featuring R. Brecker on the trumpet) giving the excellent mark. Pawlik actively works as a composer of symphonic music, concert forms, vocal-instrumental forms (opera ‘Via Sancta’ premiered in 2007 at the Polish National Opera in Warsaw, music for William Shakespeare's sonnets), ballets (‘Flow’), theatrical and movie soundtracks (‘Crows’, ‘Nightwatching’, ‘Time To Die’, ‘Rewers’, ‘Mistification’). Selected prizes: Polish phonographic industry award „Fryderyk 2005” (Misterium Stabat Mater), Polish national television cultural channel award 2006 for the best jazz-rock project (‘Anhelli’ trio album), the best movie soundtrack award at the prestigious Polish Film Festival in Gdynia (‘Rewers’ soundtrack), the main prize of the Polish film industry „Orły 2010” (‘Rewers’ soundtrack). He was voted the Polish Jazz Musician of the Year tree times by ‘Akwarium Jazz Club’ and ‘Jazzi Magazine’. In 2008, he recorded the „Tykocin Jazz Suite” (featuring R. Brecker on the trumpet), released in Poland and the USA. In 2009 he recorded the "Grand Piano" - a double CD album of solo piano improvisations. In 2012, Pawlik reunited with R. Brecker during a recording session of ‘Night In Calisia’ – the album released both in Poland and in the USA. His performance on the album received another nomination to ‘Fryderyk 2013’ award for the best polish jazz musician of the year.