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Włodek Pawlik Trio is the most important musical formation, which during the last decade proved to be unfettered improvisation motor, the driving force behind the recordings and musical training ground for experiments leader. Formula of trio with piano and rhythm section, has in the history of the world jazz a very rich tradition of - a combination of three completely different colors, opening vast spaces of artistic freedom for the three individuals, but also very obliging and imposing high demands on each of improvisers. Pawlik Trio fits perfectly in a world of tradition and is also a unique phenomenon in the native jazz scene. The performances of the trio are always characterized by great concentration of partners and focus on the smallest detail. This is not an ad hoc composition called together for the implementation of the selected project, but the real band providing space for displaying members' own musical personalities and maturity in the mutual relationship skillfully created by the leader. It is in the Trio that majority of Wlodek Pawlik's projects are realized, it is an inspiration for new ideas and performes most of his compositions, friendly space for the work of many outstanding musicians, without which no achievements would not be possible. 

Włodek Pawlik Trio consists of:

- Włodek Pawlik - piano

- Paweł Pańta – double bass, electric bass, a permanent member of Wlodek Pawlik bands, he has also been part of Zbigniew Namysłowski and Andrzej Kurylewicz bands. He is the winner at the International Jazz Improvisation Competition in Katowice. Since 1994, he is associated with the Polish Radio Orchestra.

- Cezary Konrad - a drummer, cooperating with many famous musicians representing different genres, from jazz to pop, and symphonic music (including Anna Maria Jopek, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Tomasz Stanko). He made his debut in the band Central Heating Trio, taking first place at the Festival Jazz Juniors '90 in Krakow. For several years, he’s been considered to be the best drummer by the Polish magazine "Jazz Forum". He was a pillar of Zbigniew Namysłowski and Kuba Stankiewicz bands for many years, which in 1994 received an award for Jazz Record of the Year from magazine "Jazzi Magazine".