Urszula Kozioł

Born in 1931, poet, author of novels and plays, editor of "Odra", she published a dozen books (including children), recently published a volume of poetry "Wielka Pauza" (The Great Pause) (1996), the choice of essays "Osobnego sny i przypowieści" (Dreams and Parables of the Separate) (1997), poems "W płynnym stanie (In liquid state) and an extensive selection of poems in the golden series of PIW "Stany nieoczywistości" (States of Nonobviousness) . She is the winner of many awards, including Kościelescy (Geneva 1969), recently - PEN Club (1998), Home Silesian National Cultural Prize of Lower Saxony (Hanover 1998) and a prize Eichendorff (Wangen, 2002). In 2003 she received an honorary doctorate from the University of Wroclaw. She lives in Wroclaw. Her poems have been translated, among others to English, German, Italian, French, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, and Dutch