Teatr im. Cypriana Kamila Norwida w Jeleniej Górze

It's been almost seventy years since the founding of the Theatre in Jelenia Gora. From the date of the first premiere this institution was going through the ups and downs. Better and worse have worked in this place. However, regardless of whether the theater in Jelenia Gora was successful or experienced failures, has always been present on the Polish cultural map, and at the times not only Polish. At the mention of Jelenia Gora residents of the surrounding area, but also throughout the country recall heyday of the Theatre. The famous "Is it not where Krystian Lupa was begining?" is repeated in conversation with many of lover of arts. The Theatre attracts not only with a polished repertoire, but also events that revolve around the theater. In July, the artistic team will revive the tradition of the International Street Theatre Festival, which after a few years will return to the form of the true celebration of arts in urban space. People of Theater Race will be held and the competition for the Art of Urban Space will be settled - the only one in Poland! The next big event will be another edition of Theatre Meetings of Jelenia Góra, during which outstanding teams from all over the country will perform.

 "Miedzianka" – the dramatization of documentary by Filip Springer tiltled "Miedzianka. History of disappearing" directed by Łukasz Fijał. "Miedzianka." Is a spectacle taking up subject and themes related to the difficult moments of the history of Lower Silesia. It depicts the life of the inhabitants of Miedzianka - a small town located a few kilometers east of Jelenia Gora; town, of which, until recently, only few have heard. Great story told in the memories of remarkable people, but also a great story intertwining through the battered consciousness of contemporaries. The play tackles among others the topic of phenomenon of expulsions, which have practically changed the entire demography of the region. Those who came here after the war and for many years lived with the feeling that all this land is untamed and alien, and each year might bring another relocation. "Miedzianka" is a spectacle which, through the history of the small town recalls difficult past of this land. Its future is in fact in the hands of its people and that they should shape it.