Stanisław Soyka

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Stanislaw Soyka is a singer, instrumentalist and composer. He belongs to the greatest artists of the Polish music scene. He composes Stanisław Soykaand sings songs about love and its absence, songs of longing and fulfillment, but does not turn away from the great issues of the day. In his work we can find more than 30 albums, several of which reached multi-platinum editions. He has never succumbed to fashions and trends.

He’s developed his own musical language which makest him one of those artists whose style is recognized with the first notes and whose wealth of repertoire is breathtaking.  He has written dozens of his own songs, but he’s also composed music for many poems of Polish (but not only) poets.

During his concerts, you can hear songs written by Agnieszka Osiecka from the album "Tylko brać...Osiecka znana i nieznana ", songs from the album "Stanisław Soyka śpiewa 7 wierszy Czesława Miłosza " Czeslaw Niemen’s classics from the monograph "W hołdzie Mistrzowi ", a handful of Shakespeare sonnets among such hits as Absolutnie nic”, „Cud niepamięci” or „Tolerancja”.

It's worth to come to the Sojka's concert, because it's quite as if for a while you were moved to another dimension, full of beauty and good emotions that only he can trigger with such ease in his audience. Come to see for yourself.