Rafał Podraza

Rafal Podraza (born 1977 in Jawor) - journalist, songwriter, poet, member of the Polish Writers Union. He comes from Lower Silesia, lived for many years in Lubin and Legnica, where he worked with several weekly magazines. He currently lives in Szczecin. Since 2011, leads an author box - Prestigious Books in the Magazine "Prestiż". Occasionally publishes articles in the weeklies: Warsaw the "Południe" and Legnica "Gazeta Piastowska" and the nationwide magazine for Books "PAPERmint". From December 2012 you can follow the conversation in the magazine "Pragnienie Piękna" in the author box tiltled Conversations over coffee of Rafał Podraza. About the most interesting in his opinion books he also talks every Wednesday on TVP Szczecin - always after the 18th. Rafal Podraza is also a well-known animator of culture, for which the Phonographic  Company "Polish Recordings" awarden himtwice with he Golden Record (2001 and 2006), Prize of Insurance Company "Allianz" (2001) and a nomination for the television Martin Kołodyński Prize (2001), on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his literary work he received in 2012, Nina Rydzewski. "Rose of Poets" - Prize.  Minister of Culture and National Heritage awarded him a medal "Merit for Polish Culture" (2013). The winner (as a songwriter), and juror of many vocal festivals in the country and abroad. He debuted in the pages of the local press "Polska Miedź" (1986). The first major literary award he received at the hands of Danuta Wawiłow for a series of poems titled Millionaire (1987). However he himself considers his greatest success to be distinction at organized by the Polish Theatre in Wroclaw competition for a play "The drama of the Young" (1992) and "Pearl of Wisdom" (2012) awarded by the Nationwide Organization to Fight Cervical Cancer "Flower Feminine" for the book prepared by him  "Satan fathered war. Records 1939-1945". He is also the winner of two awards at the Fifth National Competition "Memories of rock'n'roll lovers", organized by the Foundation "Sopot Roots" (2013). Among other achievments he has five volumes of poetry: Life through my fingers leak (1998), My Intimacy (2006), Passing of ... (2008), With Jasnorzewska in the background. Poems About Love (2010), The Balance. 1987-2012 (2012) and four books: Magdalena, Kossak's Daughter (2007), Wojciech Kossak (2012), Kossak's Daughter. Memories of Magdalena Samozwaniec (2012), Helena Majdaniec. Tomorrow will be a good day (2013). Has also developed and published two books by Magdalena Samozwaniec so far unknown: Diary of a no longer young married woman (2009) and My sister poet (2010). He also prepared for printing war diary of Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska: Satan fathered war. Records 1939-1945 (2012).