Rafał Olbiński

Rafal Olbinski was born in Kielce. In 1969 He graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at Warsaw University of Technology. In 1981 emigrated to the United States, where he quickly established himself as an outstanding illustrator and painter. Since 1985 teaches at the influential School of Fine Arts in New York. His posters and illustrations appear regularly in magazines Newsweek, Time, Business Week, New York Times, and The New Yorker. He is the author of numerous posters for American operas (New York City Opera, Utah Opera, Pacific Opera San Francisco, and Philadelphia Opera). In 2002 he successfully debuted in the role of the creator of the operatic stage design to Don Giovanni in Philadelphia. In 2003 he became Honorary Citizen of his hometown – Kielce. Rafał Olbiński otrzymał za swoje ilustracje, plakaty i obrazy ponad 100 nagród. W 1994r. zdobył w Paryżu międzynarodowego Oskara za Najbardziej Znaczący, Niezapomniany Plakat Świata Prix Savignac.  In 1995 his project was selected for a poster for "New York City the Capital of the World" by a jury chaired by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Olbiński's pictures can be found in the largest collections of contemporary art (the Library of Congress, the Carnegie Foundation, Republic New York Corporation) as well as in many private collections in the USA, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Australia.