Rafał Boettner-Łubowski

The sculptor and visual artist. Art critic and theoretician. Doctor of the fine arts. Studied during 1994 - 2000 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań at the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts and at the Faculty of Artistic Education. Graduated with honors in the field of sculpture in the Sculpture Studio of prof. Józef Petruk. Rafał Boettner-Łubowski creates installations, objects and sculptural compositions decorated in the style of a classical statue. In his works he also refers to specific capabilities of digital technology. He is also the author of works in the field of graphics, drawing and painting. Very often the inspiration for his creative expression is widely understood artistic tradition: ancient, modern and nineteenth-century, to which he corresponds, but also in a variety of ways polemicizes. Author of more than a hundred texts in the field of art criticism and promotion. . As the theoretician of art, Rafał Boettner-Łubowski primarily devotes to reflection on aesthetics and the history of sculpture. Since 2002 he has published his considerations in "Sculpture quarterly magazine. Oronsko". Aditionally the very important subject of his theoretical considerations is the issue of citation and practice of creative artistic imitation. Rafał Boettner-Łubowski is the winner of several artistic scholarships, including the Scholarship for Young Artists of the Chapter of City of Poznan (1999) and Minister of Culture Scholarship Promotion Fund for Creativity (2005). His works were presented at the 20 individual exhibitions and 40 collective exhibitions. He currently works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Artistic Education at the University of Arts in Poznan. He is a member of Sculptors Association of the Wielkopolska and Association of Polish Artists, a division of Poznan.