Piotr Kielan

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Peter Kielan (born 1960 in Jelenia Góra) - in 1985 graduated from the Faculty of Painting Graphic Arts and Sclupture of State Higher School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (now ASP) and graduated with honors from easel painting in the laboratory of Prof. Konrad Jarodzki and painting in architecture and urban planning at the Laboratory of Prof. Mieczyslaw Zdanowicz. In the same year he was hired as an assistant in the studio of painting and drawing of professor. Andrew Klimczak - Dobrzaniecki. In 1995, he gained the qualifications of 1st degree in the discipline of art painting and continued to work in prof. Andrew Klimczak-Dobrzaniecki's laboratory as a lecturer. Since 1997 he also has classes in painting and drawing at the extramural studies of I and II degree for Graphic Design. Since 1998 he has run independent studio drawing classes at the MA studies. For two terms: in the years 1999 - 2005 he was a Head of the Department of Painting. Since 2005 for the two terms he held the position of Vice-Rector for Artistic Research at The Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw. In 2012, the Electoral College made up of 49 people elected him rector of the Academy of Fine Arts. E. Geppert in Wrocław. In 2011 he was honored with award "Merit for Polish Culture" given by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. His work concerns painting, drawing and photography. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in the country and abroad. He has presented his artistic achievements on 14 solo exhibitions, including 8 foreign. He has participated in the open air and arts symposia in the country and abroad. An evidence of his high professional qualifications, is calling him to the jury 11 prestigious competitions. He served as curator and commissioner in 32 national and international art projects and exhibitions relating to university and departmental events. His works can be found in museums and private collections at home and abroad.