Lewandowski Masters Quintet

„It is unusual project – not because it is based on the most recognizable and popularized solo concert in the world, on top of that the work Lewandowski Masters Quintet of the creator of the genre – Antonio Vivaldi – “Four Seasons”. It is unusual, for the fact that it is most likely the only adaptation of the whole composition. In the past there were many more or less accomplished attempts to adapt and combine this concert with pop or rock music. Though generally that was limited to the most recognizable or most impressive of its fragments.

The character and expression of this project are undoubtedly influenced by the composition of the ensemble that creates it – both as a concept and realization. A violin virtuoso, chamber musician Janusz Nykiel, three Jazz musicians, Łukasz Perek- piano/keyboard, Jakub Olejnik db/bg, Zbigniew Lewandowski – dr/perc and multi-instrumentalist and versatile guitarist Jacek Szreniawa. Universal key used in creation of this adaptation is Jazz, with all its diversity, eclecticism and multitude of forms. And it does about opening everything possible with this key, but only the secret closed – for historic, culture or formal reasons, doors and passages. The difficult task to accomplish especially as the original form remains unchanged. The works on the adaptation were finalized in the middle of December. Two concerts took place – first, premiere, at the Wojanów Palace and the second in Jelenia Góra. Regardless of the work being completed and tested, musicians themselves claim that it will be further evolving. Nevertheless I can fully recommend this concert to you. Bearing in mind that your expectations can be various I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.”