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Krystyna Prońko is a graduate of Jazz and Contemporary Music Department of the Academy of Music in Katowice (graduated in 1979 with the award of the then rector Rector Henryk Górecki). Her amateur artistic work have started from the family band "Refleks", which featured  her brothers Peter and Wojtek playing saxophone and bass guitar along with other music performing colleagues in Gorzow Wielkopolski. Performing with this band she has been winning at the Avant-Garde of Beat Festival in Kalisz in 1968 and 1969. After the breakup of the band in 1970 she has received an invitation to work in the choir accompanying Czesław Niemen. Then she began to work with Skalds and Red Guitars also in the chorus. She is a multiple winner of the Festival of Opole. She has participated as a guest in the festival in Sopot Jazz Jamboree Festival, as well as the many festivals and foreign tours. Her achievements include undeniable Polish hits - "Deszcz w Cisnej” (Rain in Cisna) , "Jesteś lekiem na całe zło” (You Are the Cure for All Evil), "Małe tęsknoty” (Small Longings), "Złość” (The Anger), "Poranne łzy”  (Morning Tears)or "Papierowe ptaki” (Paper Birds). Her discography includes the LPs, CDs and DVDs including two gold LPs. With equal ease she sings pop and jazz standards. She likes to mix genres together because, as she says, "it is boring to keep on singing the same things". For the question - "How to define the music she performs" - she responds ... "It is neither a pop, a rock, a jazz nor a literary song. My singing and the songs are simply a contemporary music. And if someone really wants to pigeonhole, let calls it - Krystyna Prońko "jazzy" style (not to be confused with the jazz). In October 2008, she received at the hands of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage silver medal "GLORIA ARTIS". In December 2012 the five piece CD album titled Personal Collection Set containing selected songs from 43 years of artistic work. Unfortunately, not all of the songs can fit ... Currently working with a team of five musicians or TRIO, often gives recitals in which she is accompanied by the Big Band.