Klaun Rufi Rafi

Clown Rufi Rafi aka Rafał Biesiada. Educated cultural animator and teacher, graduated from the University of Warsaw and Jagiellonian University. He is a performer and associate of non-governmental organizations. He is an idealist involved in the formation of cultural initiatives and promoting the idea of "New Circus". In recent times he cooperates with Cornu Cervi medieval cabaret, stationary circus Cyrkland and the Spa Theatre of Animation in Jelenia Gora. He performes his One Clown Theatre of Rufi Rafi at home and abroad, on the streets of towns and cities, theaters, fairs and festivals ... Recently he has visited Festival of Children's Theatre in Wroclaw, Festival of Cultures in Pirna (Germany), Festival of Street Theatre in Jelenia Góra, The May Fair in Jilemnice (Czech Republic). One Clown Theatre of Rafi Rufi is an interactive activity, carried out in different circumstances, both the stage and the street. Meetings with the clown are characterized by a great deal of improvisation and activities including the audience. The clown pulls the participants into its activities, creating alive full of humor fleeting reality, as ephemeral  like a soap bubble, crazy ludicrousness. He utilizes various techniques, among other things: clowns gags, situational jokes, juggling, balloon twisting, elements of pantomime, soap bubbles of various sizes. The show "Home History" - set in the home space with one clown and mass of everyday items, each of which is an inspiration to tell a short story .... A story about everyday affairs that happen to anyone, but to everyone in a different way. Sleeping under the covers of ordinariness there is a joke, grotesque and uniqueness. This is a combination of the language of the theater, the circus with the poetics of Czech cartoons.