Justyna Skoczek

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Justyna Skoczek is a pianist. In Years 2003-2012 she worked as a tutor and soloist at Wrocław Opera, from 2002 she works at The Justyna SkoczekAcademy of Music in Wrocław, she also writes her doctoral dissertation. She participated in preparation of almost every premiere in Wrocław Opera, from Wagner’s tetralogy „Der Ring des Nibelungen”. Writing is also her passion. From 2003 until fusion with Gazeta Wrocławska she worked as a journalist of cultural column of Słowo Polskie. She published fev hundreds articles about music, interviews and reviews. She translated and adapted libretto of opera for children titled “Sid the Serpent Who Wanted to Sing” by Robert Chauls from English to Polish, “Slime the Diplomat” by Jiři Pauer from German/Czech  to polish and authored Polish translation of opera “Two Musicians” by Peter Maxwell Davies forBoosey and Hawkes Publishing Company.