Jerzy Duda Gracz

He was born March 20th 1941 in Częstochowa. He died in 2004 in Łagów Jerzy Duda Gracz

 He graduated Graphics Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków branch in Katowice, where he accomplished a degree in 1968. He lectured there till 1968. During 1992-2001 he lectured at European Academy of Arts in Warsaw, and later until death, he worked at the Silesian University in Katowice.

 He did 168 individual exhibitions in the country and abroad including: Berlin, London, Budapest, Paris, Moscow, Rome, Vienna, Stockholm, Florence, Bratislava, Sofia, Düsseldorf, Chicago, Delhi, Oldenburg, Munich, Leipzig, or New York.

 He participated in 359 exhibitions in the country, abroad and international, presentations of Polish art in Tokyo, Vienna, Köln, Malmö, Paris, Stockholm, Hamburg, Ostrava, Halle, Dortmund, Brussels, Arnhem, London, Rotterdam, Rome, Salzburg, Utrecht, Seville, and Munich.

 Pictorial cycles: “Polish Motifs and Portraits” 1968-1979; “Polish Motifs, Dances, Dialogues” 1980-1983; “Jurassic Pictures” 1984-1986; “Aristocratic-Historic Pictures”1985-1991; “Polish Landscapes” and “Provincial-Common Pictures” from 1986.

Gratest projects: “Transfiguration” – ceiling in the Transfiguration of Jesus Church, Toporów 1995; “Golgotha of Jasna Góra”, Pauline Monastery, Częstochowa 2000/2001; “Homage to Chopin” 1999-2003.

 Stage design: „Filomena Marturano” dir. M. Pawlicki, Teatr Śląski, Katowice – 1981 r.; ”Gra o Każdym” dir. A. Dziuk, Teatr Stary, Kraków – 1984 r.; „Carmen” dir. M. Fołtyn, Państwowa Opera Śląska, Bytom – 1988 r.; „Pokusa” dir. A. Dziuk, Teatr S. I. Witkiewicza, Zakopane - 1993 r.; „Don Giovanni “dir. W. Ochman, Państwowa Opera Śląska, Bytom – 1999 r.; „Grześkowiak” dir. Laco Adamik, Centrum Sztuki Impart, Wrocław 2000 r.; „Kaligula” dir. Agata Duda Gracz, Teatr J. Słowackiego, Kraków 2003 r.