Jan Zmorski is a sculptor who combines tradition
with modernity. Traditionally refers to the most important trend of figurative
sculpture, with a formal and  symbolic references to the present. Born in
1966 in Elblag, Poland. He studied sculpture at the Wroclaw Academy of Fine
Arts (now the Academy of Fine Arts), taking his degree in 1992.  Just after graduation, in addition to his
artistic work, he was engaged in organization the International Sculpture
Symposium - "Dozen-Dozen," assisted by the Prince of Wales Foundation

He participated in many Sculpture’s symposiums in Europe, he is the author of
numerous sculptures enhancing many European cities. Mostly creates in ceramic
but also in stone, wood and bronze. Large figures are generally formed in the
factories of ceramics and burned out at high temperatures (up to 1300 °C),
which makes them more resistant to extreme weather conditions. His works often
combine ceramics with metal and stone.He also makes portraits as well as usable
sculptures. In some forms he portrayed existing people.