John Bortkiewicz was born on June 14, 1945 in Vilnius. From 1945 until 1956 he lived in Torun. He spent his adult life in Wroclaw. He graduated from Technical School of Mechanical Engineering in Wrocław (Abitur in 1964). In the years 1965-1968 he operated hydroacoustic equipment on a submarine. In 1969 he became the Inter-laboratory assistant in the Department of Photography at the Higher School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, where he worked until 1973. He took up photography in the mid-60s. From 1979 he was a member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers (No. leg. 538). During 1997-2000 he was Vice President of the District of Lower Silesia ZPAF, photojournalist of the "Poland" (1974-1981), professor of photography at Higher School of Fine Arts in Wroclaw (1982-1983). He worked at Studio 4 Iserlohn, Germany (1984), Janus Screen Studio, New York (1985). Artistic director of the Gallery N in Wroclaw (1994), professor of art photography in Private Post-secondary Study PHO-BOS in Wrocław (1995-2001). Since 1996, the artistic director of the Gallery of the Centre of Culture and Arts - Lower Silesian Center of Photography "Domek Romański" in Wroclaw. A graduate of the Higher School of Photography in Wrocław. He has authored dozens of posters, album covers, advertising catalogs, a co-production designer in film and television, editor of books and organizer of symposia. Author of numerous solo exhibitions and the participant in collective exhibition in the country and abroad. He curated more than 100 exhibitions, has been juror of photographic competitions nationwide and international.