Grzegorz Turnau

Grzegorz Turnau – poet, composer, pianist and arranger – is an artist continuing the Kraków’s tradition of literary song, walking in the steps of Jan Kante Pawluśkiewicz and Marek Grechuta.

As a child he learned to play the piano at a music school, and when he was 13 he moved with his family to England for a year. He was there when John Lennon was killed, and then rediscovered pop music, and then started playing for fun.

In April 1984 Grzegorz Turnau took part in the review of the songs "Everyone can sing" in Kraków club Zaścianek and by the decision of jury won in the literary song category. Thanks to this he appeared in the twentieth Student Song Festival in May of the same year, and won it as well. Immediately after the festival Grzegorz Turnau, he received an invitation from Piotr Skrzynecki to perform in the “Piwnica Pod Baranami” (The Cellar Under the Rams). Thus this very young artist began a several years of "cellar" concerts.

In The Cellar Under the Rams Grzegorz Turnau met a poet Michał Zabłocki. The cooperation of these two young artists resulted in songs that have become a core of Grzegorz Turnau repertoire for years to come.

The first album "Naprawdę nie dzieje się nic" (Nothing Really Happens) was released in 1991 and the owed its popularity primarily to the title song. After two years came the release of the second album of the artist - "Pod światło" (Against the Light), that contained popular to this day the song "Cichosza" which in 1993 won the “Muzyczna Jedynka” award.

The third studio album by Grzegorz Turnau - "To tu, to tam" (Here and There) was released in 1995, and its circulation exceeded 200,000 copies. The album as well as the singer was awarded the “Fryderyk”. This album contains among others hits like "Między ciszą a ciszą” (Between silence and silence) and "Bracka".

After two years, the artist presented the album, "Tutaj jestem” (Here I am) (1997), which consisted, among others, works originating in TV poetry show. Somewhat parallel to the recordings Grzegorz Turnau’s music for film and theatre productions was created, including "Zmierzch” (Twilight), "Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy", "Green Goose" and "Two for the Seesaw" (2000). Grzegorz Turnau also wrote the music for short films and TV. In 1999 he released his fifth album - "Ultima". The year 2002 brought a record, "Nawet" (Even) (awarded with Fryderyk), and in 2004 another - "Cafe Sultan", which featured works by Jerzy Wasowski. Also, this album was awarded Fryderyk. In the year 2005 album "11:11" was released featuring Anna Maria Jopek and Dorota Miśkiewicz. One year later he released the album "Hiostoria pewnej podróży” (History of a certain journey), entirely dedicated to Mark Grechucie.

Regardless of the recording Grzegorz Turnau has been involved in concerting. The artist himself said that it was the performances are the "essence" of his art and that’s giving concerts that he devotes most of his attention and effort.