Festival dell Arte 2015

Ladies and Gentleman,
Piotr Napierała

With the utmost pleasure I hereby invite all the art lovers to visit the Jelenia Góra Valley in the second part of August during another fourth edition of Festival dell’Arte in the Valley of Gardens and palaces.

Art and monuments, meetings with artists and contemplation of amazing landscape both cultural and natural is the combination that we’ll be able to experience through several of these summer days and nights.

Wonderful guests of the festival representing the highest level and diversity of arts will be with us in several unique historic places of the foothill of Giant Mountains. As every year the main festival location will be the Ducal Palace in Wojanów, but concerts will also take place in The Palace in Pakoszów, the castle in Karpniki, the knights watchtower in Siedlęcina, in landscape parks in Bukowiec and Cieplice, in Norwid Theater in Jelenia Góra, in the Artistic Barn in Bukowiec, and in Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord Jesus in Mysłakowice. With our festival we revisit the finest traditions of Romanticism that has created in the area of Jelenia Góra the myth of Silesian Elysium. It was here where in the first half of 19th search was made for lost paradise, arcadia, and a perfect landscape. In our day-to –day life, in the pace of modern world it is even hard to imagine the idyllic attitude of those travelers. Alas we can try to capture this atmosphere during few of festival days, remembering the verses of Jonasz Kofta

„Pamiętajcie o ogrodach, przecież stamtąd przyszliście
W żar epoki użyczą wam chłodu
Tylko drzewa, tylko liście”
[„Remember the gardens , that’s where you came from
In the heat of the age the only refresh
Will be brought by trees by leafs”] 

Piotr Napierała
Chairman of Foundation

Dear Sirs, welcome to the Valley of Arts

Michał Maciaszczyk
Artistic Director

It is with great joy that I welcome you to the fourth edition of the Festival dell 'Arte! The aim of the festival, as an interdisciplinary platform is to communicate all sorts of artists with the audience. Therefore, creating a program of this year's festival I invited to participate in the artists you already know, but in a modified configuration enriched by new and fantastic names. Many of these artistic ideas were born out of the previous edition of our art holiday, which confirmed me in the conviction of the rightness of this unique formula that allows you to experience truly alive art directed to the active and contact thirsty audience.

Basing dell'Arte Festival on already known to you pillars of music, poetry, painting, and sculpture I look forward to welcome at the Palace Wojanów guests known (and those were present in the first edition in numbers of 12,000), as well as brand new, which probably will help us create the special atmosphere of admiration of art, without pathos, but with real pleasure and sincerity.

I invite you to a thorough study of the festival programme, in which you are sure to find something for everyone! In a few days we will have the opportunity to hear the music of any kind, listen to poetry both ancient and modern, as well as satisfy your eyes on the works of art in course of numerous exhibitions, and all of this in a unique setting Wojanów beautiful palace in the heart of the Valley of Palaces and Gardens Jelenia Góra Valley.

Dreaming of the fourth edition and realizing the success that was in the Finals last year,  never have I thought that in preparing the program and logistics of Festival dell 'Arte 2015 we’d encounter so many obstacles related to the acquisition of the patrons of the event. Concerning this the more I’d like to thank all those who have chosen to support the Festival dell 'Arte, and all others I invite for this year's festival and to support it in the future! Culture is the best showcase!

I would also like to thank all those involved in the creation of this event! Despite all the obstacles and through faith in the idea Festival dell 'Arte, we can again enjoy the arts together!

Evviva l'arte, viva Wojanów!

“Evviva l'arte! Let them feed their waists wellJacek Cygan
Wretched philistines’ tribe! We artists
We who often lack money for dry bread,
We, so similar to autumn dry leaves,
We shall scream out anyway: if all is worth nothing,
Evviva l'arte “

Verse of Kazimierz Przerwa Tetmajer’s poem I recall not only because we’re celebrating 150th anniversary of his birth. The anniversary of which less and less remember these days. I’m quoting Tetmajer, in order to bring the atmosphere of the struggle of festival organizers to allow it to happen at all. And it is no easyendeavor in which the words “Let them feed their waists well Wretched philistines’ tribe” refer quite well to the decision makers, politicians, and clerks of various grades. That’s why I wish so much that in 2015 Festival dell’ Arte is a triumph of art, music, and those who believe in the idea of this festival. I count myself among these people and can testify of the wonderful atmosphere and exceptional value of festival days and nights.

For few years now I am a witness to how the festival takes shape, and it could not find the more fitting place than The Valley of Palaces and Gardens. And how happy it makes to see how much the objects of the valley change that the places emerge that a few years ago were covered in debris and dust and today they resonate with music and poetry. The best example is the Artistic Barn in Bukowiec. Festival dell’ arte besides from great concerts of eminent instrumentalists has one characteristic feature – being close to artists. I have to admit that till this day I remember the moments when Ewa Lipska or Urszula Kozioł were reading their poems and it gave an impression of intimate contact with poetry. When Marek Kondrat was speaking of love with the words of Shakespeare, I saw that many of the ladies felt that those words were directed only to them. I won’t be describing the crazy nights, for instance after Zbigniew Namysłowski concert. Because in order to do the justice to the magical atmosphere one would have to use the phrase “This was Jazz!” Festival is not only being at the concerts and meetings, being among the people. Valley of Gardens and Palaces gives also the possibility to experience beautiful solitude. When roaming the alleys of The Park in Bukowiec one has an impression that behind the trees and the pond, you’ll meet the silhouette of Goethe leaning over his notebook.

So let’s sing with Ewa Demarczyk the words of another poet, only changing the text slightly: And maybe we could come my love just for a day to Wojanow?