Festival dell Arte 2012

Dir Sirs, welcome to the Valley of Palaces and Gardens

Piotr Napierała Chairman of Foundation Board

In the Romantic era Jeleniogórska Valley teeming artistic life, being an inspiration to many famous artists. This is where in 19th century was the perfect landscape discovered.

This was certainly a lovely relationship between nature and breathtaking views of the Mountains and Ore Janowickie, but also with extensive park and palace complexes and residents of these estates. It was the first Prussian royal family and aristocracy and Polish Silesia.

They became patrons of the arts, hosting through its doors, great artists such as Caspar David Friedrich, Carl Friedrich Schinkel, Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Franz Liszt, Frederic Chopin, and famous scientists such as Alexander Humboldt. Jeleniogórska Valley has become for many artists, an important element of their art.

After many years of falling into oblivion, so many lovers, monuments, palace architecture of this region regain its past glory. One of the goals of our Foundation is to promote this unique cultural heritage by including peculiar climate of artistic restoration of historic sites. The idea of the Festival dell’ Arte in the Valley of Palaces and Gardens, combining visual arts, music and poetry, is a literal reference to the past of this region. With the introduction of new forms of art, such as the performance – step into the future.

We invite you to visit the incredible Valley of Palaces and Gardens Jeleniogórska Valley and we wish the same artistic experiences during the Festival.

Dear Sirs, welcome to the Valley of Arts

Michał Maciaszczyk Artistic Director

When in the early 80s in the 20st century, mastered CD music market – everything seemed to be that it will be a salvation for art. Similarly, the development of the Internet has meant that access to information has become easier than ever before. Trade shows, exhibitions, concerts in the network is a sign of our times. Are you not forgotten us – artists and audiences who appreciate above all the possibility of personal contact and enjoy an unforgettable experience during the actual meeting with the art and its creators?

It seems that in the era of digitization ignored the special atmosphere of creativity, where the true sun’s rays can not lighten the canvas...

There is a lack of places and events that specifically relate to this unique relationship. Such a place I would like to present to you and to invite him! In terms of unique architectural and cultural Palaces and Gardens of the Valley, organized Festival dell’ Arte, whose first edition will be held on 19-26 August 2012 at the Palace Wojanów.

Combining the art happenings, concerts, exhibitions and lectures with the aims to give artists and their works, as well as create a platform for expressing different kinds of symbiosis of artistic expression. I want you you to become our greatest treasure and actively contributed to our Festival!

Forget this one wonderful week on CD, the Internet! Delektujmy the real emotions, direct contact – shaking hands, smiling, with tears of emotion! Let us concentrate on what is most beautiful – the man and his work. Art is life and people who respectfully captures Festival dell’ Arte 2012!

Dear Sirs, welcome to the Valley of Jelenia Góra

Zuzanna Dziedzic Dyrektor Filharmonii Jeleniogórskiej

With great joy I accepted the appointment Festival dell’ Arte, which was preceded by a long period of creative consultation. The festival will enrich the cultural offer during the summer holidays, as well as revive the one of the reasons why so actively involved in its organization.

As an organizer, I wish the Festival many customers, wealthy sponsors and organizers – great ideas, perseverance and satisfaction during the implementation of subsequent editions.