Dozan Fujiwara

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DOZAN FUJIWARA , "a prince of Traditional Japanese music world" is a very famous Shakuhachi Artist in Japan. Born in Tokyo, and took up Shakuhachi at the age of 10. Learned the instrument from Shakuhachi master Hozan Yamamoto . Passed the "shihan" instructorship examination for the Tozan school of Shakuhachi with top marks in 1993, and awarded the name DOZAN in recognition of his achievement (currently Shihan instructor for the Tozan school). Graduated from the Traditional Japanese Music Course, Faculty of Music, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1995. Passed the audition for the NHK-FM Japanese music section in 1996. Completed the Graduate School of Music, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1997, and became a part-time lecturer at the university. Gave performances and workshops at the International at the Shakuhachi Festival in Boulder, Colorado in 1998. Performed with Mr. RYUICHI SAKAMOTO in the big event in 2002. As this taken notice of from the famous and splendid producer as him. Has performed on successful world tours in America in 2004. Currently takes part in a wide range of activities, including performing traditional Japanese music, collaborating with Western musicians, and recording contemporary and other music. And be active on TV, Radio and Magazine to impart a charm of Shakuhachi. His CD releases include "UTA"(2001), "yume"(2002), "East Current"(2003) and "ku" (2004, Columbia music entertainment.), and all highly acclaimed.