Concertino Chamber Orchestra

“Concertino Orchestra and Maestro Michael Maciaszczyk have charmed the audience (…). Music lovers were impressed by the way Concertino Chamber OrchestraMaestro Maciaszczyk has communicated with orchestra (…). Every tiny movement of the baton painted the beautiful picture, which was recreated by the orchestra with the sound (…). “

8.01.2015 Mitteldeutsche Zeitung

Chamber Orchestra CONCERTINO of Myślenice has inaugurated its artistic activity in 2010, established by Jolanta and Łukasz Ankiewicz, thanks to the goodwill of Authorities of the city of Myślenice and the Director of MOKiS Małgorzata Anita Werner. Chamber Orchestra CONCERTINO is a young energetic ensemble, under artistic direction of Maestro Michael Maciaszczyk from 2014. The seat of the orchestra is the city of Myślenice and more specific – the auditorium of Myślenice Cultural Center with capacity for audience of 450 people. Thanks to the outstanding logistic base and excellent cooperation with MOKiS and Municipality of Myślenice this excellent group continues to develop  and is already recognized brand not only in Poland, but also abroad. The proof are the rave reviews from music critics appearing after every concert performed by the orchestra. CONCERTINO constitutes of qualified musicians, for whom high artistic level is as important as the emotional bonds that guarantee exceptional air for collaboration and allow for each member to identify with the ensemble and the special place like Myślenice. As the orchestra of high qualities we wish to manage artistic life of Małopolska Region, giving the space to develop and work at the highest level for the musicians from the region, as well as from all over the country and abroad. The orchestra performs in its seat as well as in many other locations in Małopolska Region. It is invited to many events of international significance (International Music Festival in Łańcut, Festival dell’Arte in Wojanów) and cyclic international tournee. The essential element of artistic work of the orchestra is the diligence when it comes to the culture of sound and - ever important for the music – diction of diverse languages of the world of music literature. Very intense work and engagement of the orchestra brings forth the artistic results accepted with great enthusiasm by the publicity in filled up audiences of concert halls. Creation of novelty projects, related to interdisciplinary approach to the art, allows to research new artistic values with eminent artists. As a proof of wonderful condition of orchestra it has been invited to collaborate with the great artists of international fame: Volkhard Steude, Gili Schwarzman, Piotr Pławner, Robert Kabara, Edyta Piasecka, Katarzyna Oleś-Blacha, Iwona Socha, Adam Zdunikowski, Tomasz Kuk, Stanisław Kuflyuk, prof. Peter Schmidl, Marek Szlezer, Włodek Pawlik, Guy Braunstein, Michael Maciaszczyk. In the near future following artists are going to perform with the orchestra: Włodek Pawlik (awarded with Grammy Awards 2014), Volkhard Steude (The Concertmaster of Wiener Philharmoniker), Guy Braunstein (The Concertmaster of Berliner Philharmoniker), Bernhard Heinrichs (Züricher Oper). Krakow Opera is the partner of the orchestra.

Selected reviews:

“Beautiful interpretation full of delicacy, life and wonderful light sound. Full of details, that would make any eventual mistakes very audible, though we didn’t have to experience any. The audience was able to witness although the evening something exceptional, a beautiful evening (…).”

Peter Buske, Frankfurt, Musikjournal, January 2014

“On this night the high standards had been set for the performance, which with extraordinary love for details and astonishing virtuosity of Maestro Maciaszczyk allowed presenting Concertino Orchestra as an excellent ensemble full of color and joy. We wish to listen to them again (…).”

29.01.2015 Torgauer Zeitung

“This concert presented the music of Strauss’ Family on not known before highest artistic level (…).’

13.01.2015 Mitteldeutsche Zeitung