The Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre

The Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre


The Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre was founded in 1956 originally as the Mime Studio. Its founder and artistic director was Henryk Tomaszewski.

The uniqueness of the Wroclaw Mime Theatre is the result of Tomaszewski’s directorial vision and the innovative programs he put on. The outstanding mimodramas are distinguished by their precision, imagery and symbolic movement.

The pantomime Studio has trained many artists who now run their own theatres, devoted to education work in Poland and abroad.

Numerous performances by Wroclaw’s mime artists, from Spain to Japan, from Scandinavia to Australia, Mexico and Venezuela have brought the group many awards, including the gold medal from the Swedish Dance Association (Stockholm 1963) and the Gold Star (Etoile pour recherche corporelle), won at the VII International Dance Festival (Paris 1970).

The Wroclaw Pantomime Theatre still has a strong impact on cultural life and in breaking new ground in the development of the art of mime and movement theatre.