Antonin Dvorak Klavier Quartett

Antonín Dvořák Klavier Quartetts consists of graduates from Prague Conservatory, who have played along already during their studies. Their paths diverge in the 80., when some of them continued to study abroad. They met again in Vienna, as professional musicians, members of well-known orchestras: Wiener Philharmoniker and Wiener Kammerorchester. In 2001 they established Schulhoff Quartett and began its career by giving concerts in Europe, Japan, USA and recordings in radio and on CD.

Simultaneously they started to collaborate with a pianist – Marie Pospíšilová-Vigilante. After a series of successful concerts in Austria, Germany, Poland and Czech Republic, musicians have decided in 2013 to establish a new band - Antonín Dvořák Klavier Quartett. They intend to devote their work to charming but underestimated repertoire destinated for a string quartet.